Oh Emmm Geeee Son! I’m currently sitting in the lobby of my hotel on my last day of my 4 day travel abroad typing this.  But not any 4 day trip. a spontaneous book a flight and go type of trip – oh and did I mention ALONE.

Thank you so much to X for kicking off the start of my fearless challenges and suggesting this one. This one has been something i’ve always wanted to do but have been equally – petrified to do.

Being alone has always been a big problem for me – minus the times I have been dealing with anxiety.  Because lets face it. When anxiety kicks in we tend to hide away alone because that feels most safe.

Travel is in my blood.  That sounds really cheesy but for some people they are not fussed if they travel or not.  But for me its a MASSIVE thing.  I’ve spent years upon years not travelling because I sat around waiting for other people.  You know, when you ask someone to go away and its always a ‘ah maybe’ ‘if i can get the time off’ ‘if i have the money’ or ‘ah i’m already going away then’ bla bla bla. Which then delays you in travelling yourself.

I realised I wasted so much time trying to plan travels, than actually just going to do it. All because of not having company whilst doing it.

Why?  Because its natural to desire to go away with people.  We naturally bounce of peoples energies and want to create memories with those we love the most.

I’ve realised what is really important on this trip.  I’ve learnt a lot about myself and I explain all in this weeks video (sorry its a bit late..i’m working with Maltese WiFi and any abroad WiFi unless your in the states generally isn’t the best thing…i’m starting to appreciate my shitty sky broadband at home whilst I wait.

Make sure you hit subscribe before you leave as there a follow up video to this one next month as part of my Chyna Does : series – a travel vlog all on the beautiful Malta.  I didn’t want to cut the content short so a follow up will…follow 😉

Be sure to suggest some more fearless challenges for me to do! If something scares you or you think you cant do something let me know what it is and I will add it to my list to do and hopefully inspire you that you CAN do it.

Because ultimately you can do anything you put your mind to 🙂

Travel Fearless Challenge

C x