Daily Whispers. Do you get them?

What I mean by whispers is that inner voice in your head whispering regularly. Reminding you of all sorts of things.  Did you set an alarm. You need to do this. Dont forget to do that. Lets focus on this. Bla bla bla. It doesn’t actually ever…shut up.

I’ve had a tough weekend.

Felt low. Really demotivated. Basically stuck in a rut with my creativity. Shattered. My body needs to rest. I had ago at myself for doing that on Saturday. Resting that is. Those daily whispers where based around not being allowed to sleep and getting up and filming the video for this week. But I had zero energy.

Its often when your in the swing of things you want to continue swinging on. But our bodies are not built to go on 100% non stop. Rest is required. Man do I know friends have told me timeless amounts of time to rest. But only you know your freshhold. And even with the knowledge of reaching your freshhold, you still push. Because you don’t want to loose the momentum once you have it. Especially for a creative. Once you loose your flow its hard to jump back on.

In order to be creative you need to be in a good headspace. If your a creative you’ll know that mental block. Thats a sign to take yourself away from what your doing, have some you time and come back to it with a fresh mind – who knows it may even spiral you into some new creativity. Don’t beat yourself up.  Yes I am also talking to you Chyna.

I wanted to release a Chyna Does Video this week – something fun something silly something, with more personality. But that would have been…fake to how I really feel. Because im filming this videos in real time (usually in panic mode a couple or days or DAY before Sunday’s release) I often base what I release on my mood and thoughts.

This is exactly how i’ve felt this week. Hit like if you can relate.

whispers daily

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C x



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