If you’ve been following my blog since my relaunch you will know I am currently on a 365 day challenge of being fearless. If you’ve just found us, feel free to catch up after to see what its all about ūüėČ


Above is the first release of my DEAR : Series. ¬†These will be a series of short clips of some written pieces i’ve done,¬†talking about subjects I feel quite strongly about. ¬†You could kind of call it a spoken word. ¬†This is a big thing for me because speaking my mind was a bit of an issue for me. ¬†Today we mark it changed.

This video is full of opinion and passion, things I often don’t like sharing because of what people may think. ¬†Theres always the derkhead in the room that wants to shut down someones ability to have an opinion because only they can be right. ¬†This derkhead silenced me for many years.

I think something not many people know that I had a fear for…forever, to speak my mind. ¬†I could be in a room full of people who are sharing opinions, and keep quite. ¬†But in my thoughts, i’m there screaming say something. ¬†Usually this happens because of the fear of someones reaction to what I may say. Also, fear of rejection and confrontation to my opinion. What will they think, feel and do in the future towards me now based on this one opinion.

Sound very dramatic I know, and for people who are quite secure in themselves, the answer will be; who cares, just say it, whats the worst that could happen.

And that is all true and what I have grown to realise. ¬†Others having an opinion is good just as you. ¬†Your conversation will be more interesting and you’ll challenge your mind to work quickly to defend your point. ¬†You’ll enjoy learning from the other person(s) opinion and whether they agree or not you’ve shared your right as a person living to have spoken your mind!

I’m learning that this is all focused with being so indulged in perception and basing future actions on emotion.¬† Fear doesn’t exist outside of us. Its all mentally built up from a string of thoughts you create. ¬†Predications you’ve made of the future. ¬†What the outcome of the situation ‘could be’. KEY WORDS. Could be.

Its taken me a while to get to the ‘accept me for me or leave’ attitude. Knock backs and struggles defiantly helped. If were turning those unfortunate times into a positive…it strengthens you to think, ‘wait we’ve been far worse than someone saying No I disagree with you Chyna’ get a grip’.

If theres some advise i’d give anyone who might struggle with similar issues try and remember:

Figure out what the worse outcome is going to be

and how it will effect you. ¬†This will allow you to realise, you’ve probably been through harder situations and this can overcome that outcome if it was to even happen.

Think logically

Emotion needs to take a step outside because quite frankly it doesn’t base anything on other than itself. ¬†Logic comes ready to¬†provide you with heep’s of evidence and pulls the puzzle together clearly for you so you can see the best outcome. ¬†It will remind you that those assumptions Emotion has convinced you are facts, are not. ¬† With Logics help, over anaylsis the situation and figure out is the way your perceiving the situation 100% accurate? ¬† You’ll soon feel that fear fade as it becomes more apparent that the situation you’ve conjured in your head, probably isn’t going to happen.

Although it may seem quite a small thing to do, (realise a video with opinion, wow Chyna) its a big leap for me. It means I have let go of the care of what peoples reactions¬†may be to what i’ve said. ¬†It gets my opinion out there that may help someone else connect to what i’m talking about and i’ve managed to put yet another piece of creative content out – which means i’m keeping to my plan of promoting myself – Wehey!

spoken word

I’ll also jump at the chance to ask you all your thoughts and if you agree? Do you think the world understand beauty anymore?

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