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I recently released a video and blog post titled ‘I’m back’ and it did dawn on me that

…possibly people may not know who the hell I am lol

The video I released is actually a video I made with the intention of validating ‘I’m back’ to myself. Fighting the old me and challenging her with the new me. Or the better version of the old me, however you want to word it.

See to people who have watched the video, who may know me it may all make sense.  But I’m very aware that to anyone else…you could be like but who were you lol

As I was pondering on the perceptions of what others may think about that video, it came across to me that, there’s some people that really have stuck in my mind

no matter if their work is good…or not so good

because they have constantly been around for me to know about and if they go missing for a bit, I do wonder where they have gone.

It made me think, moving forward, if I have this continued worry of judgement and need to perfect everything, I will continue being the person no one actually cares what they’re doing. That’s not to say I think I’m so important (apart from being Beyonce).  Far from it.  But more so I have work I do and love doing, and want to share and get it out there! If we call that selfish then for once in my life, I’ll run with that but truth be told I do want my work to be seen. I’m proud of it. I want my talent to be heard and seen and I want to progress in life like everyone else.

Am I bothered about people knowing who Chyna Desveaux is when they walk past or see me. No.  You could walk past me on the street and not know who I am, but what I want is to make an effect.  You to have watched my stuff with possibly no knowledge its by me, and hopefully, that it made some sort of positive helpful or happy mark on you.

Maybe that’s far-fetched.  I dunno but that’s what I want and I realised, the one thing that gets people what they want, no matter what they do in life and how good or bad it may be, is people persist and with persistence comes, self-promotion.

We live in a very heavy social media focused world.  If your trying to avoid it your fighting a losing battle my friend.

Social Media is here and has roots very deep and will only grow bigger and stronger with time.

So of course, utilising your social media is something that’s become very apparent. It gets your stuff out there. It gets you networking and your work circulating.  Self-promotion is far more possible than it was 20 years ago. Although 20 years ago I would have been 6.  If I wanted to be the next 6 year old whatever, (minus the fact that…I’m 6…) I would have needed assistance from someone else or a company – basically to get me out there. I didn’t have a platform I was in control of – that could row the boat for me rather than relying on a captain.

So after all this long deep thought process and little chat with myself, I wondered – Chyna what would happen if you let go of every fear and just jumped in the deep end for the next year?

Check out my video above that talks about my 365 day challenge that I am going to embark on in this new Chapter of my career and life.

What are your thoughts? Make sure you comment down in the comment section below and let me know if your in the same boat or would like to jump in this one! Let’s get this started as of TODAY.

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C x



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