Challenge Update – Month 1 of being FEARLESS

Today marks a month since I relaunched and started my Fearless Challenge. It’s flown by!

To launch was one challenge for me, given the heep of anxiety attached to it, which I explained in previous posts.  Oh but the consistency…this was the bigger badder wolf to face.

I get spurts of motivation, just like i’m sure you do too.  If you find your constantly motivated and geering to go 24/7 365; your probably from another planet in my eyes.

I recognise since mentioning my open fearless challenge, I haven’t actually kept you in the loop.  Both challenge’s i’ve faced and positive outcomes due to my change of actions since it all kicked off. Woops.

So gathering were a few weeks into being fearless, lets talk all about whats been going on in my challenge.

Whats Been Happening?

It’s funny, alot of people who i’ve spoken to about this have asked what insane thing (like walking down the street naked…) will I do first.   Its quite sad when I turn around and say oh nothing to dramatic like that…and then feel obliged to end on a ‘yet’, in fear i’ve set the bar too high on this one.

This has been more of a mental challenge for me to start with.  There is no way I can embark on crazy fearless acts and mini challenges if I dont clear up the basics first…and for me, that starts mentally.

Hit play and find out the challenges and positives i’ve found to becoming fearless including social media woes and bottomless yes’s!


If there is anything out there you’d love to see please comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your ideas and where you would personally like to see this challenge go, as i’d hope your on this journey with me 🙂

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