NYX, Reebok, Zoes Birthday and some serious wars in my own damn house.

Its time for another vlog.


I’ve worked with some really cool brands this month.  If you didn’t know already, i’m a big fan of NYX Cosmetics. They are cheap cheerful and good quality. I can’t really find a downfall there can you?  I was lucky to work with them this month on a promo job which was really fun!  Won’t waffle too much as I explain this and more in the video!

My editing this month I was pretty proud of. Especially the Reebok section. This just shows me Chyna really just needs to grab as much footage as possible so she can play about with the edit.

nyx cosmetics

Yeah if you didn’t know already.

I talk in third person alot. Like Chyna is another person.  Weird strange and a tiny bit concerning but hey.  Lets say it adds Character.

I just cant get past the fear of peoples reactions.  I HATE IT.  In my head right. I say Chyna who cares?  get that footage. you’ll never see these people again.  and if you do see them.  they know you do this soo…no judgement.

Why do you reckon my brain doesn’t want to process that? Its so frustrating lol

reebok zoku runner

I went on my first Vintage shop with Chan! I have always wanted to get into the vintage world of clothing.  But the smell and patience to fight through miles of clothing with my ongoing hyperactivity really doesn’t mix well.  So what do you do – take the vintage queen with you.  Chan is one of them people (gathering she’s oriential) that can throw on anything and walk out looking great – and I mean anything.  The kind of stuff that even if I tried to attempt it – i’d look like a giant potato in a bin liner.

It was also Zoe’s birthday this month; we had a good old pre-birthday drinks and headed out which I got no footage for – because honestly it was the most darkest hoodest rave i’ve been to in a while and those type of raves are the type you just jump around, get in a hot mess and enjoy the moment undocumented (probably for all of our own good).

Enjoy March’s Vlog – remember to like and hit subscribe before you leavvve – buttons below 😉



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