If I asked you what your wishes are – how many would you be able to list without any hesitation?

We all have them. Wishes that is. They can be absolutely anything but usually are seen as things not within easy reach.
Become a great presenter. Present a main channel show. Own my own business. Do what I love. Travel the world. Be financially free and stable. Own a puppy. Own several puppies. Have my dream body.
There all wishes. Things that I would be ecstatic to get at this stage in my life. But sometimes they feel so far away there labelled as wishes because. I’m not ready for whatever reason. To visit the Shop of Wishes.

I’ve lacked motivation this week. I’ve had a super busy week of working 24/7…literally. minimal sleep and working consistently has left me minimal time to find my creativity. It tends to wonder off into the fog when i’m super busy. Which calls for me to go looking for it and this time, I stumbled across this bit of motivation on the way.

I came across this story and fell completely in love with it. It was so fitting. I’ve found myself comparing a lot recently but then fighting the urge to compare. Its SO easy with Social Media. Social Media tends to be the murderer of wishes. You could have the most confidence in something but once something you can compare it to comes around. That confidence turns into doubt very quickly if comparison re-occurs.

Theres a particular line that really hits home to me.

“Some prices seemed really strange. Marriage cost almost nothing, but happily married life was very expensive:” It then goes off on a list of things.”

This isn’t actually about Marriage. Its delving into the difference between being alive and actually living your life. ‘Marriage’ – Being Alive and just existing, doesn’t cost us much. But living our life means learning about ourselves, self acceptance, moving past comfort zones and creating new ones, taking risks and a constant turn over of analysing to better and most importantly, acceptance.

I loved the analogies in this story. I hope this inspires you and reminds you – your in the right place for your own journey. We are in the drivers seat to our wishes and dreams. We cant hold envy against people just because their in the position we want to be in. They are working just as hard to buy their wishes and one day when we are ready – we will too leave The Shop of Wishes with our pretty wrapped Wish 🙂

shop of wishes

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