Unsent Letters to My Highlights of 2016

Unsent Letters to my Highlights of 2016

2016. I’m sorry these never got sent sooner.

New Year is often a time for reflection for most of us, on what the past 365 days have shown and given us. Theres a lot of words that have been said but many that haven’t. I have a few unsent letters to my highlights of 2016. And your included.

May 2017 be a positive year for you with unlimited happiness and joy. Remember your capable of absolutely anything in this world. Although there will always be tough times ahead, those times always help you come out of those times stronger and wiser.  Which will enable you to positively move forward.

My New Years Resolution continues to be exactly the same as last year alongside your fearless suggestions of course. 😊

unsent letters

Don’t forget to show gratitude towards everything and anyone in your life. You take away something from all and this video shares mine 🙂

We often don’t take time to sit back and show appreciation for those who we have gained and also lost in our lives.  Regardless of how we feel towards these people they have taught us or given us something to help mould us today.

Hit play on my last video of 2016 and first of the bigger badder adrenaline rushing ride of 2017!

Thanks for watching as always, I appreciate you x

Thank you for watching please don’t forget to subscribe and Happy New Year!

2017. I’m ready for you.



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