Advice To My Younger Self – Chyna Does

Imagine you could teleport back in time? Have you ever looked back on your past and thought…man why did you do that. Don’t we all. Don’t we all want to throw younger us some advice.

Although logically, our past mistakes or…experiences lets say, make us the people who we are today. Stronger and Wiser. However, We all wish not to hold certain memories of things, we wish we could teleport back to younger us and scream DO IT THIS WAY instead.


As part of my Chyna Does series, I’ve seen a lot of these type of videos go around. I’d hope in some telepathic universe Young Chyna finds this video and keeps some of this in the back of her mind when making decisions…especially the eyebrows!

But if you are reading this young Chyna…you’re actually doing alright 🙂

Hit play on this weeks video – Advice to my younger self 🙂

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What would you advise your younger self if you could? Let me know in the comment section below! x



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